New Oppurtunity for Flash and OSC integration

The next rev. of Flash supports binary sockets. Could a flash developer please implement OSC in ActionScript 3.0 using the socket interface for UDP and TCP transport.

Since ActionScript is a variant of EcmaScript such an implementation would be useful in other contexts, e.g., firefox, Max/MSP JS etc.

Re: New Oppurtunity for Flash and OSC integration

I've started putting together an AS3 library for OSC here :

OSCLib at Assembla

There are also java implementations based on the Apache Mina project and a Max / MSP based MXJ wrapper around the java code.

Its still a work in progress but most of the basic functionality is available and working.

please feel free to join in and help :)

Re: New Oppurtunity for Flash and OSC integration

I'm very much interested in how i could link up with flash using this software. Is there any way to know how i could connect to flash with the prog that i run on my iPhone ?

Stuck with TCP

Flash AS3 only offers TCP sockets not UDP. Given that is is worthwhile to implement OSC over TCP in AS3. There seems to be resistance to OSC over TCP from what I see around, would there be anything to connect it to?

I use flash<-TCP->PERL<-UDP->OSC as a connection point right now which works fine, but would like the ease of Native OSC in flash and could probably successfully implement it. However I don't know that it would be useful.

Re: Stuck with TCP

TCP has more latency than UDP, but is perfectly acceptable for many applications. Some OSC implementations do support TCP transport.

TCP is a serial protocol, so it needs a framing layer to separate the packets. I recommend SLIP RFC1055.

Re: Stuck with TCP

hello hal,
i'm very interested in connecting OSC to flash.
what are you currently using to do so in AS3?

did you take the solution you mentioned any further?



Count me in.

I'd be very interested in helping you code-this-up, as an open source project for the Flash / music production community. I've build an application and framework in Max/Msp that routes MIDI messages from your favorite music app of choice to Flash via FLOSC in a special terse format for doing object-oriented visuals. The framework is based on the work of the early pioneers of this: Ben Chun, Sam Torrisi, Colin Moock and Derek Clayton. It would be great to have less moving parts; to be able to go across a network directly into a Flash client. Feel free to contact me and we can look into the possibilities.