Max/MSP creating a "host"

I want to write a Max patch that makes the patch a "host". For example, when I use TouchOSC and go to the network page, if there is a OSC host it is listed.

Granted I can just type the IP address of my computer, but I am looking to market this patch I am creating and being able to build a patch that I can name as a host would make connecting much easier.

It has to do with TouchOSC is scanning the network its connected to for a OSC device. So I guess the question is: how do I register a max patch as a OSC device??


Re: Max/MSP creating a "host"


You can do this with the Java for OSC objects I recently released.

Have a look at the OscService help file.


Re: Max/MSP creating a "host"

I figured it out. Incase someone else is looking for the same thing it is an external max object called oscbonjour. It lets you look for osc devices, get hostname and port number from a service name and REGISTER a name.

You can download it here