OSC Libary for VS6.0

Hello everybody!
I'm trying to implement OSC in a software that was written with Visual C++ 6.0. All efforts to convert this project to a newer Version of Visual Studio didn't work out. So im stuck to Visual Studio 6.0.
My problem is, that I don't find a OSC libary that I can implement in my VC++6.0 Project. I tryed it with WoscLib and with oscpack. I was able to build both of them as described in there readame's with MinGW but (maybe ofcourse) not with VC++6.0.
Is there anything I've missed or did wrong? Does anybody know how it could work?
If you need more information, just tell me!

Thank you for your help!

Re: OSC Libary for VS6.0

having the same problem... trying to use vb6. did you get anywhere with this?