TouchOSC to Serato Live help please


can I first give you a breakdown of my setup:

PowerBook G4 running OSX 10.3.9
Pure Data running TouchOSC MIDI patches (downloaded from
MIDIPipe creating a virtual MIDI output to Serato

i'm trying to setup my iPhone with TouchOSC so that I can send MIDI to Serato Live (allowing for control of loops, sample player, jump to cue points etc.) but I'm doing my initial testing using Ableton Live. I've downloaded all of the Pure Data MIDI patches and set everything up so that iPhone is sending OSC data to Pure Data and this works fine. All faders, toggles buttons etc. move as they should with each Pd MIDI patch.

My difficulties are in testing MIDI activity and routing out of Pd.

There doesn't seem to be any MIDI activity when I open the test and check audio/MIDI window in Pd. Both IAC and MIDIPipe show up as available input and output devices within Pd and Ableton but there is no MIDI in signal reaching Ableton. Do I need to alter the Pd patch for this to work?

In terms of routing can I use IAC bus or is MIDIPipe a better option? If MIDIPipe, can you please provide details on setup.

Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks kindly,