Welcome to the new OSC site

For those interested in the gory details: this site was developed by Andrew W. Schmeder and Adrian Freed using the drupal content management system.

We picked drupal because of its flexibility and especially its strong support for the collaborative workflow that we need to support the working group activity. An example of this is the drupal implementation of "wikis" ( "Books" in drupal terminology). With drupal any content such as a forum post can be integrated directly into books.

Re: Welcome to the new OSC site

Thanks to Andy Schmeder's Herculean efforts we have relaunched the site for 2008 without the spam. Here are some of the things he had to do:
Updated to Drupal 5.5
- Cleaned out the SPAM (deleted approx. 1500 user accounts and 4000 comments)

- Re-enabled user commenting
- Installed image CAPTCHA system to guard against automated spam tools
- Migrated "implementation" flexinode => CCK + views
- Added new fields to CCK to track feature-completeness / support of each implementation
- Did research on every listed implementation; fixed broken links, checked documentation and filled in the support attributes as best I could
- Enabled the biblio module and imported all CNMAT OSC papers and related items (19 publications)
- Imported OSC Conference 2004 Proceedings (still in progress, a few more papers to go...)