Pre-How to : pd-extended + libOSC on Ubuntu Karmic (or else) 64 Bits

Hi, I'm new here so I'm not sure if the topic is in the right place ^^

As you may know, pure data extended has a lot of different packages for almost any 32 bits distro, but not for a single 64 bits one. In order to make pd-extended work under a 64 bits OS, the easiest trick is to use the i386 packages and install the lib32 manually or with getlibs. I am going to write a little tut' about that, but here comes a second issue.

I'd like to use libOSC library in pd. Actually, just 'sendOSC' and 'dumpOSC' commands.
Basically, in orded to use an iPhone as a wireless MIDI controller on Ubuntu. The most known iPhone app to do that is TouchOSC and it comes with a set of pre-written pd scripts ( this one for instance ). Nevertheless, I didn't manage to compile OSCx libs. I've grabbed a tar package there but I haven't figured out how to compile it. README says :

tar zxvf OSCx.tgz
cd OSCx
cd libOSC && make
cd ../OSC && "adjust makefile" && make OSC && make install
cd ../..
pd -lib OSC OSCx/doc/OSC-help.pd

but basically, command 'make' in /libOSC/ doesn't work. There's just a '' but it doesn't want to be ran by the command make. Then I've tried to chmod +x and rename it as 'makefile' but then comes a bunch of errors :

cc -c @CFLAGS@ @INCLUDES@ OSC-client.c
cc: @CFLAGS@: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type (means that there's no folder named like this )
cc: @INCLUDES@: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type ( the same )
OSC-client.c:79: warning: conflicting types for built-in function ‘strlen’
make: *** [libOSC.a(OSC-client.o)] Erreur 1

So what should I do in orded to manage to compile libOSC ?

Thanks a lot.


Leo Tomas.