OSCBlob, Max/MSP, PC

Is the OSC-blob type supported in the PC OpenSoundControl Max external?

I'm sending OSCBlobs from Max/MSP to Java. On various Macs, this works as expected (checking typetag at the receiver yields a "b", data is a bunch of unsigned bytes). Same max patch on a PC (XP) shows up at the receiver as typetag "siii..." meaning my OSCBlob argument is being interpreted as a string followed by integers. Both are using the respective latest build of the OpenSoundControl external.

Ignoring java and staying entirely in Max, using the debug output from the external:
"/a OSCBlob 1 1" vs. "/a OSCBlot 1 1" on a Mac yields different byte counts in the OSC buffer, as it should because in the first case the data portion is sent as a single byte. On a PC the buffer size is the same in both cases as in the later case on a Mac - e.g. its sending a string and 2 ints in both cases.

Finally - in the OpenSoundcontrol help file on the PC the subpatch referencing blob types has been removed, although nowhere can I find a reference to the PC implementation not supporting this part of the spec. What am I missing?