Flash SWF Variables to Java Applet via OSC

I'm a new developer in the Flash world, looking for a way to send variables in a Flash game to a Java applet running on the same HTML page. I have a dedicated server, so OSC (and the FLOSC library especially) seem suited for this, but OSC is still pretty new to me and I'm just not sure. Google hasn't yielded results this way - do you know of implementations of your library for this purpose? I've been poking at a JavaOSC library, as well, so wouldn't they be able to use my dedicated server running an OSC server as a conduit?

If you have ideas for a better route, I'm open to suggestions. I've tried using JavaScript as a conduit from AS3 -> Java Applet, but that hasn't worked yet (despite my programmer friends who insist that it _probably_should, but have no hard evidence/working examples). I would've posted this on the FLOSC forum, but the link is broken at the moment.

(I also sent this to Ben Chun, the author of FLOSC, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. I hope this question is better suited here.)