Adding software to the implementations list

Hi ,

I have been working on a piece of OSC based software for a couple of years and I was wondering if it might be able to be included on the list. The details follow:-

Project Type: Application
Name: Timeline OSC sequencer
It is a OSC sequencer, individual OSC events are programmed onto timelines, the OSC messages are used to control any OSC enabled software.

  • Timelines can be sequenced together (timelines can play other timelines). A "Tree" of timelines can execute for increased complexity.
  • Midi controllers can be configured to play via OSC. Multiple maps can be configured to play different sets of osc events.(e.g. for different instruments). A photo of the controller can be configured to overlay with the configured osc messages.
  • OSC events can be sent to the sequencer and can be routed to other OSC ports. Filter can trigger osc messages based on other osc messages.
  • A simple expression language allows you to manipluate data in the software. Expressions can be invoked anywhere an osc message can be configure, an expression can do lot of different things (mainly set different data in the interface) :
    • Trigger a timeline, set its speed, position,
    • Invoke java code. eith standard java objects, custom objects written as a package or in the compile window.
    • Set event parameters, event targets, osc destinations,
    • Midi controller values can be set.
  • Java can be live coded in the interface - as code is written it can be intermittently compiled and the generated class loaded.

Re: Adding software to the implementations list

Yes, please add it by going to "Create Content > Implementation".