String length

Hi !
In the current specs version of OSC, what is the maximum length of an ASCII string?
Does it automagically detect the end of it? (with the NULL char)
I guess that endline (\n) character is supported too.

UTF-8 support is only for version 1.1, right? Meanwhile, I guess I should use blobs to send those.


Re: String length

There is no maximum string length, but one should be aware of possible fragmentation and buffer size issues commonly found with datagram transports. e.g. the maximum UDP packet is typically about 1500 bytes.

End of string is detected by the NULL character. Otherwise the entire ASCII set is legal including \n.

To transmit binary data which may contain zeros, use the blob format.

Version 1.1 *may* include a typetag for a unicode string, but will not support unicode in the address string, to maintain backward compatibility. It is likely we will recommend using Punycode for extended characters in the address. See here: