Help needed: Audio over OSC

Dears, I'm newbie in OSC world but I think it's great!

At first, excuse me for my poor English. I'm spanish. I hope you can understand me.

At this moment I'm working with Open Sound World in order to create some audio applications.

I hope you can help me with this issue:
After reading OSC and OSW documentation I understand it's possible to send audio "streaming" from one computer to other using OSC. I try to explain: I'm runing audio app in Computer 1 (whrere is installed a RME 24 channels soundcard) and I want to sent audio output to Computer 2 using OSC(obviously connected via WLan) and playback it using the audio output of the Computer 2.

How can I do it?

I presume It's theorically possible.

THANKS a lot in advance.

Best wishes and regards from Barcelona.

Re: Help needed: Audio over OSC

You should ask this question on the OSW-users mailing list: