Please help OSC for beginners

I'm absolutely new to OSC

I'm very interested on learning how to use this protocol since i realized it's power

I'm writing to you because i haven't really find a way to start learning this

There's not such thing like " OSC for Dummies" or anything like that...

Perhaps someone can give me directions or tips about starting my
way with this protocol.

I would really appreciate that

Thanks a lot and I look forward to hear from you soon .


There are no books, but there are some papers. The papers are mostly about how to implement OSC.
For using OSC, you just need to use "udpsend" and "udpreceive" in Max/MSP, or "sendOSC" and "dumpOSC" in PureData.
Each of these objects comes with help patches.

I am new to OSC too.

Are there any books out there?