Make Controller Kit - open source sensor interface runs OSC

The Make Controller Kit is a high-performance 32-bit sensor interface featuring Ethernet, USB, ADC, high-current outputs, JTAG, many kinds of motor control (DC, servo, stepper), CAN, RS232, and more by MakingThings.

The board by default runs a program that allows it to connect to other devices via OSC over Ethernet and USB. It's also easily reprogrammed via USB to run user-written programs standalone/embedded. It's easy to connect to any of the normal desktop environments that support OSC - Max/MSP, Processing, Flash, SuperCollider, etc.

We're hoping to expand the ways that the board can use OSC - we've already implemented it over USB and are looking forward to getting it going over TCP as well. Lots more info at

How can we go about adding this project to the list of implementations on

MAKE controller

Yep, I just bought a MAKE controller. I was intending to use it with Processing. I had no idea you had to use OSC to ... interface between the MAKE controller and Processing. But the MAKE controller didn't come with any documentation, not even a pamphlet. This looks like it is going to be more complicated than I thought. What do I do now?



Thanks for the announcement about the Make Controller Kit.

Anyone with an account can add a new implementation by going to "create content > implementation" in the right-side menu.