I've created a project on sourceforge called osctools in order to hold the sourcecode for various programs and libraries i've started to work on after the OSC developper meeting at NIME06.
The hot topics are about using Bonjour/ZeroConf, automatic namespace discovery, queries, standardized schemas...
For now the code mainly demonstrate how to use Zeroconf/Bonjour in order to advertise and browse for OSC applications.

there's the code for

  • oscbonjour: a max/msp external doing the registering, browsing, resolving
  • OSCBrowser: that list all services of type "_osc._udp", but that should also display the namespace of the application, once automatic namespace discovery works
  • OSCCommandLine: the start of a command line tool similar to the way the ftp program works, i.e. you have an osc prompt "osc>" and you can type commands to be executed like connect, send, browse, register...
  • zeroconf: C++ classes around the dns-sd API dedicated to ease programming with Bonjour, these are designed to be similar to the oscpack library by Ross Bencina

the code is available via subversion like that:
svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/osctools/trunk osctools

or you can browse it on-line here:

anyone wanting to join-in and contribute, please let me know an give me your sourceforge details so that I can add you to the project.