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Automated Testing of Open-Source Music Software with Open Sound World and Open Sound Control, Amar Chaudhary , ICMC 2005, 1/11/2005, (2005)   Abstract | PDF
Music Perception and Cognition Experiments in a Classroom Setting: Temporally Precise Hardware and Software., Avizienis, Rimas; Freed, Adrian; Wessel, David; Loui, Psyche; Jacobs, Benjamin; Avizienis, Rimas , 8th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Evanston, Illinois, p.642, (2004)
OSC and Gesture features of CNMAT's Connectivity Processor, Avizienis, Rimas; Freed, Adrian , OSC Conference 2004, 30/07/2004, (2004)   Abstract | PDF