SonART - a new multimedia environment for networked collaboration

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2004
Authors  Yeo, Woon
Conference Name  OSC Conference 2004
Conference Start Date  30/07/2004
Abstract  SonART is a flexible, multi-purpose multimedia environment that allows for networked collaborative interaction with applications for art, science and industry. It provides an open-ended framework for integration of powerful image and audio processing methods with flexible network features. An arbitrary number of layered canvases, each with independent control of opacity, RGB values, image position, compositing options, etc., can transmit or receive data using OpenSoundControl. Data from images can be used for synthesis or audio signal processing and vice versa. Applications of SonART include multimedia art, collaborative and interactive art and design, and scientific and diagnostic exploration of data.

Originally created for sound-driven data exploration and diagnostic purposes, the software also provides a powerful tool for multimedia performance over a network and facilitates real-time interactive creation, manipulation and exploration of audio and images. Now it is implemented as a Cocoa-based OS X application. Functionality includes the ability to load and draw multi-layered images, and to send/receive visual and control data to/from other multimedia programs that support OSC.
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