OSC Device Design Space

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2004
Authors  Freed, Adrian
Conference Name  OSC Conference 2004
Conference Start Date  030/07/2004

Most OSC packets flow between threads and processes on a general purpose computer or across networks between general purpose computers. In this presentation I will explore a growing new source of OSC packets: simple special purpose data acquisition and control systems. Other presentations in this session will describe several sophisticated OSC-communicating gesture sensor systems developed by relatively large institutions. To complement these I will focus on simpler, affordable options for individuals and small groups interested in developing their own OSC-communicating devices.

The goal is to identify hardware platforms and development tools that are affordable, have sufficient performance to support OSC packetization and communication and require minimum development effort both to interface sensors and controllers and to develop the requisite software. Options explored include very cheap "pic" style microcontrollers, more sophisticated systems integrating 100BaseT networking, e.g. Rabbit 3000 series, I86-based systems supported by open source gnu tool chains, and a low cost USB interface device. I will emphasize the oft-forgotten importance of the development system and how the lowest cost device is rarely the best choice for installation, digital arts and musical applications where flexibility and a healthy performance margin lead to better artistic outcomes.

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