OSC Control of VST Plug-ins

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2004
Authors  Zbyszynski, Michael; Freed, Adrian
Conference Name  OSC Conference 2004
Conference Start Date  30/07/2004
Abstract  While audio plug-ins are extremely useful, the limitations of the
control structure can make that use unwieldy. Specifically, the name
space of each VST plug-in is flat and populated by parameter names
that have been carefully chosen by the designers of the plug-in, but
do not necessarily represent the terminology or language preferred by
the user. Parameter names are mapped through a generic range (0. to
1.) without informing the user about the mapping that occurs inside
the plug-in, and each message controls only one parameter.

Through the use of OSC, a flexible name space can be developed that
employs multiple, intuitive parameter names (and aliases), higher
level controls, and range mapping, simplifying control for the user.
We will demonstrate these ideas with Max/MSP patches that repackage
VST plug-ins in a more usable way and also introduce the idea that
plug-in interfaces themselves can be improved by building in a
well-formed OSC name space. We will also suggest ways (e.g.,
atomicity and queries) that control could be further improved if the
plug-in could be controlled directly with OSC.
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