Keynote address: OSC and Digital Lifestyle Aggregation

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2004
Authors  Canter, Marc
Conference Name  OSC Conference 2004
Conference Start Date  30/07/2004
Abstract  The history of media and device control parallels the evolution of the PC industry and of personal computing in general. Getting more control and ease of use in that process has always been a holy grail. But the oft-promised 'digital convergence' has been elusive and end users have been bombarded by technology products that simply do not work. Digital Lifestyle Aggregation ("DLA") is a concept which brings together five major foundation areas, all of which lead to compelling end-user experiences. Personal publishing, social networking, media and device control, communications and mobile services are all part of the digital lifestyle aggregation puzzle. What does OSC and media device control have to do with DLA? A lot!
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