Improving the Efficiency of Open Sound Control with Compressed Address Strings

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2011
Authors  Kleimola, Jari; McGlynn, Patrick
Conference Name  Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC-2011)
Series Title  Proceedings of the 8th Sound and Music Computing Conference
Pagination  pp. 479-485
Conference Start Date  06/07/2011
Publisher  Padova University Press
Conference Location  Padova, Italy
Editor  Serena Zanolla, Federico Avanzini, Sergio Canazza and Amalia de Götzen
ISBN Number  9788897385035
Abstract  This paper introduces a technique that improves the efficiency of the Open Sound Control (OSC) communication protocol. The improvement is achieved by decoupling the user interface and the transmission layers of the protocol, thereby reducing the size of the transmitted data while simultaneously simplifying the receiving end parsing algorithm. The proposed method is fully compatible with the current OSC v1.1 specification. Three widely used OSC toolkits are modified so that existing applications are able to benefit from the improvement with minimal reimplementation efforts, and the practical applicability of the method is demonstrated using a multitouch-controlled audiovisual application. It was found that the required adjustments for the existing OSC toolkits and applications are minor, and that the intuitiveness of the OSC user interface layer is retained while communicating in a more efficient manner.
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