Control of VST Plug-ins Using OSC

Publication Type  Conference Proceedings
Year of Publication  2005
Authors  Zbyszynski, Michael; Freed, Adrian
Conference Name  International Computer Music Conference
Pagination  263-266
Publisher  International Computer Music Association
Conference Location  Barcelona, Spain
Abstract  The basic control structure of VST audio plug-ins can limit their usefulness. Control can be improved through the use of Open Sound Control by developing a flexible name space that employs multiple, intuitive parameter names (and aliases), higher-level controls and range mapping, simplifying control for the user. We will demonstrate these ideas with Max/MSP patches that repackage VST plug-ins in a more usable way and also introduce the idea that plug-in interfaces themselves can be improved by building in a well-formed OSC name space. Such a name space would enhance the longevity and flexibility of finished musical works. We will also show that when the plug-in is controlled directly with OSC atomicity and queries, control could be further
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