Project Type: 
Software Application

Nyquist is a language for sound synthesis and music composition.


Project Type: 
Programming Language Library

Lily is an Open Source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript.


Project Type: 
Software Application

This project is an implementation of a haptically-enabled physical dynamics environment which can be controlled via OSC.

DiABlu LegOSC 0.5 released! OSC for Lego Mindstorms NXT

This tool allows the control (via OSC) of the Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics system.


OSC Website Updated for 2008

Recent changes:

- Updated website to Drupal 5.5
- Cleaned out the SPAM / installed CAPTCHA system to guard against spam-bots
- Improved and updated Implementations database

Quartz Composer in Leopard does OSC!


Oscal Scripting Language

Project Type: 
Programming Language Library

Oscal is a simple JavaScript-like language which allows users to easily sequence Open Sound Control messages. It's like a very high level programming interface to an event scheduler and OSC library.

IanniX 0.6, a graphic OSC sequencer from the UPIC

Project Type: 
Software Application

an OSC poly-temporal meta-sequencer, from the UPIC (Iannis Xenakis)

OSC Showcase for Maker Faire 2007

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2007
Authors  Freed, Adrian; Schmeder, Andrew; Zbyszynski, Michael
Conference Name  Maker Faire 2007
Conference Start Date  20/10/2007
Conference Location  San Mateo, CA, USA
Other Numbers  Booth #144

Ten Years of Tablet Musical Interfaces at CNMAT

Publication Type  Conference Proceedings
Year of Publication  2007
Authors  Zbyszynski, Michael; Wright, Matthew; Momeni, Ali; Cullen, Daniel
Conference Name  New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Pagination  100-105
Conference Start Date  2007/07/06
Conference Location  New York
Key Words  Wacom; tablet; Wacom tablet; digitizing tablet; expressivity; position sensing; gesture; mapping; algorithmic composition

LiveAPI for Abelton Live

Project Type: 
Programming Language Library

LiveAPI provides a wrapper API that interfaces to Abelton Live using MIDI remote automation. The API can be used through Python scripting, OSC messages, or a text console.


Project Type: 
Software Application

OSCulator is a software that links your controllers to your music and video software.

TUIO: A protocol for table-top tangible user interfaces

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2005
Authors  Kaltenbrunner, M; Bovermann, T; Bencina, R; Costanza, E
Conference Name  Proc. of the The 6th International Workshop on Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation
Conference Start Date  5/1/2006

Comparing Musical Control Structures and Signal Processing Strategies for the Augmented Cello and Guitar

Publication Type  Conference Proceedings
Year of Publication  2006
Authors  Freed, Adrian; Lee, Ahm; Schott, John; Uitti, Frances-Marie; Wright, Matthew; Zbyszynski, Michael
Conference Name  International Computer Music Conference
Pagination  636-642
Publisher  International Computer Music Association
Conference Location  New Orleans, LA
Notes  Additional files.
URL  http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/publications/comparing_musical_control_structures_and_signal_processing_strategies_augmented_cello_and_guitar

OSC.net (V1.4.1)

Project Type: 
Programming Language Library

A free OSC library for Microsoft.Net with a full implementation of the OSC protocol.

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