Networked LAN Musical Performance

A group of musicians operate a group of computers that are connected on a LAN. Each computer is somewhat independent (e.g., it produces sound in response to local input) yet the computers control each other in some ways (e.g., by sharing a global tempo clock or by controlling some of each others' parameters.) This is somewhat analogous to multi-player gaming.

Each player can control some of the parameters of every other player

  • At ICMC 2000 in Berlin (, a network of about 12 Macintoshes running SuperCollider synthesized sound and changed each others’ parameters via OSC, inspired by David Tudor’s composition "Rainforest."
  • The Meta-Orchestra project (Impett and Bongers, 2001) is a large local-area network that uses OSC.
  • Simulus use OSC over WiFi to synchronise clock and tempo information between SuperCollider and AudioMulch in their live performances. See (Bencina, 2003) for a discussion of MIDI clock synchronisation techniques which have since been applied to OSC.