Multiple-User Shared Musical Control

A group of human players (not necessarily each skilled musicians) each interact with an interface (e.g., via a web browser) in real-time to control some aspect(s) of a single shared sonic environment. This could be thought of as a client/server model in which multiple clients interact with a single sound server.

Multiple players influence a common synthetic sound output


  • In Randall Packer's, Steve Bradley's, and John Young's "collaborative intermedia work" Telemusic #1 (Young 2001) , visitors to a web site interact with Flash controls that affect sound synthesis in a single physical location.  
  • In the Tgarden project (see the or Georgia Tech sites) visitors in a space collectively affect the synthesized sound indirectly through physical interaction with sensor-equipped objects such as special clothing and large balls (as in "Mapping nonmusical data to sound").
  • PhopCrop is a prototype system in which multiple users create and manipulate objects in a shared virtual space governed by laws of "pseudophysics." Each object has both a graphical and sonic representation.
  • Grenzenlose Freiheit is an interactive sound installation using OSC with WLAN'd PDAs as a sound control interface for the audience.