Project Type: 
Programming Language Library

Ruby OSC implementation

  • Consise code
  • Test driven developed
  • 1.9.1 and jRuby compatible
  • Complies with OSC 1.0 specification
  • Soft-real-time bundle scheduling with low jitter
Transport Type: 
Bidirectional UDP (via sendto/recvfrom)
Any / Platform Independent
Packet Parsing (Client)
Packet Construction (Server)
Bundle Support
Timetag Support
Wildcard Matching Support
Bundle Support: 
Reads Bundles
Creates Bundles
Supports Nested Bundles
Timetag Support: 
Generates "IMMEDATE" timestamp
Generates timestamped sequenced data
Performs scheduling on received timestamped data
Type Support: 
i: int32
b: blob
s: string
f: float32