OSC.net (V1.4.1)

Project Type: 
Programming Language Library

A free OSC library for Microsoft.Net with a full implementation of the OSC protocol. Extends the protocol to be able to transfer images and Unicode encoded strings as a blob element.new supported OSC-features in V1.2: Address Patterns, TimeStamps, OSC Type 'Infinitum'
Changes in V1.4.1: Multiple UdpReader instances can share the same port number (ReuseAddress socket option) when assigning a negative port number.
Bugs fixed in V1.4: UDP socket is closed properly now. Large OSC messages across multiple UDP packets could result in an unhandled error - fixed.
Changes in V1.3: ability to receive and send of single OSC elements, nested bundles
Bugs fixed in V1.2: byte order for MIDI messages, OSC-Symbol now ok

Download Version 1.4.1: Ventuz.OSC.zip including CHM documentation.

Transport Type: 
Bidirectional UDP (via sendto/recvfrom)
Packet Parsing (Client)
Packet Construction (Server)
Bundle Support
Timetag Support
Wildcard Matching Support
Bundle Support: 
Reads Bundles
Creates Bundles
Supports Nested Bundles
Timetag Support: 
Generates "IMMEDATE" timestamp
Type Support: 
i: int32
b: blob
s: string
f: float32
h: int64
t: timetag
d: double precision float
S: symbol
c: char
r: RGBA color (char*4)
m: MIDI message (char*4)
T: true
F: false
N: null
I: infinitum
[]: array


Re: OSC.net (V1.3)

download links have been updated to point to the V1.3 version. See this link for changes in V1.3


Re: OSC.net (V1.3)

thanks for download

Re: OSC.net (V1.2)


I need an implementation of OSC for Microsoft .NET so the Ventuz.OSC.zip file is what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, the link doesn't work [error: The page cannot be found] and I cannot download the file. Can someone help me?


Re: OSC.net (V1.2)

Includes non-standard extensions for packing unicode strings and images in blob fields.