The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator

Project Type: 

The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator is a standalone hardware device which contains its own WiFi radio, and translates specially-coded OSC messages sent from your mobile device or computer into standard MIDI messages to control synthesizers, drum machines, mixers, digital audio workstations, or anything which responds to MIDI commands. It does this with low latency, high flexibility and configurability, and without the need for a computer anywhere in the control chain. Multiple wireless OSC devices may connect simultaneously to The Missing Link, making collaboration easy.

Transport Type: 
Bidirectional UDP (via sendto/recvfrom)
Any / Platform Independent
Bundle Support
High Speed (> 100 hz packet rate)
Bundle Support: 
Reads Bundles
Supports Nested Bundles
Type Support: 
i: int32
f: float32