Project Type: 
Software Application

I'm working as sound technician and programmer and I developed this application for own and particular use. I'm using this prototype successfully in Live Music Shows.

My "server" application is multiplatform (pc, linux and mac) and "client" application can be installed on touch and multitouch devices (pda, tablet pc, touch screens, iphone, etc.)

I'm using OSC for comunicating clients and server. OSC is powerful and easy to manage.

I'm trying to use OSC for audio streaming between server and client but I has not had success with this issue. If someone can help me it will be very appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

Transport Type: 
Bidirectional UDP (via sendto/recvfrom)
Packet Parsing (Client)
Packet Construction (Server)
Bundle Support
Bundle Support: 
Reads Bundles
Creates Bundles
Type Support: 
i: int32
b: blob
s: string
f: float32
h: int64
d: double precision float