How to use the collaborative site

Welcome to, and thanks in advance for contributing information, questions, and organization to the site and to the future of Open Sound Control.

There's a large amount of information here already, but there's not very much that you need to know before you can help improve the site. Here are the most important principles to keep in mind:

  • It's a web site, so click around and explore just like you would any other site.
  • You can add to pretty much any of the information on the site. (how to add to the site) The site is a perpetual work in progress, so please improve it whenever you are able.
  • Whenever you see a red star (*) next to the title of a field, it means the field is required.
  • You can usually go back and edit things if you make a mistake, but just to be safe, always fill out a form completely before you submit it.
  • Any time you change anything on a page (by filling in a web form, putting text in a text box, etc.), you have to click on the button called "submit" (when creating content) or "save" (when adjusting settings) BEFORE you click on any link that takes you to another page.