TouchOSC to Serato Live help please


can I first give you a breakdown of my setup:

PowerBook G4 running OSX 10.3.9
Pure Data running TouchOSC MIDI patches (downloaded from

Flash SWF Variables to Java Applet via OSC

I'm a new developer in the Flash world, looking for a way to send variables in a Flash game to a Java applet running on the same HTML page.

Adding software to the implementations list

Hi ,

I have been working on a piece of OSC based software for a couple of years and I was wondering if it might be able to be included on the list. The details follow:-

Why use OSC?

I am doing a presentation on OSC as it is something that is completely new to me and the majority of the class. Do any of you guys have any links which could shed some light as to why OSC is inherently better than MIDI? preferably in laymans terms....

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