workshop:rapid prototyping for gesture-based interaction, via COTS devices

Dear researchers,

OSC – A candidate for lighting applications?

Hello, I gave a lecture on OSC for the conference "pro.days 2.0" of lighting companies at Media-Academy in Berlin, Germany.

ArKaos GrandVJ 1.1 supports now OSC!


ArKaos GrandVJ, the famous realtime interactive video software for VJ and other video artists supports now OSC in its new 1.1 release.

Mac users?

Hey, this question is maybe a little bit outside of the OSC idea but my creative partner and I are trying to find out if there is a way for us to sync our laptops, as in allow us to trigger the files

New to this tech.


$25 OSC platform using the bitwacker or CUI

NOw that we have identified a good encoding for OSC over serial protocols (SLIP) we have succeeded in creating a general purpose OSC platform on the $25 bitwacker.

OSC 'SYN' namespace


I had some thoughts about killing MIDI and transferring all the functions to OSC while upgrading and expanding them.


I've created a project on sourceforge called osctools in order to hold the sourcecode for various programs and libraries i've started to work on after the OSC developper meeting at NIME06.

How to use the collaborative site

I've made a "How to use the site" book that documents how to navigate and contribute to the site. Please read it to learn about the site, add to it if you have additional information, or discuss it here in this forum if you have questions, suggestions, etc.

Announcing the "Guide to OSC Libraries" Book

Based on a recent discusson on the osc_dev list, I've created a "Book" on where we can collaboratively list, discuss, critique, recommend, and evolve various OSC libraries:

Haptics and OSC

There is an interesting haptic API being developed.

Skype API

The Skype API documents a simple text based messaging protocol between clients and Skype. I believe we could develop a discovery and session management scheme for OSC based on Skype. A simple hack would be to use the chat message functions to send the agreed upon udp or tcp port and ip addresses for an "OSC" session.

New Oppurtunity for Flash and OSC integration

The next rev. of Flash supports binary sockets. Could a flash developer please implement OSC in ActionScript 3.0 using the socket interface for UDP and TCP transport.

Welcome to the new OSC site

For those interested in the gory details: this site was developed by Andrew W. Schmeder and Adrian Freed using the drupal content management system.

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