Vista problems - IPv6 related?


How to send image osc via objective c

How to send image osc via objective c

How to install oscpack????

this is my first topic on this forum, I'm trying to install the oscpack library to a mac Os X with some troubles using the makefile found inside the package.

Max/MSP creating a "host"

I want to write a Max patch that makes the patch a "host". For example, when I use TouchOSC and go to the network page, if there is a OSC host it is listed.

OSC Libary for VS6.0

Hello everybody!



I am trying to setup OSC to work with MAX/MSP on my Mac, I have no idea how to do this and have looked about on the internet, can anyone help?


Touch Osc for windows mobile 6

Hi there,

am new to this forum and would like to know if anyone's developed any controller applications for windows mobile yet?

Programming Languages


I need an implementation of OSC for .NET. I've found but the link:

doesn't work for download.

Are there any OSC implementations in .net?

I'm doing an implementation of OSC in C# where I'm fetching data from various sensors to use the sensor data in different visualizations.

OSC to artnet

I love OSC and use it for nearly everything and have started using it for lighting control.

Where should I start from?

Hello there.

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